Youth Development

Youth development is an important part in the development of the community within the Berrigan Shire.  Youth development is about providing young people with positive experiences and opportunities to enhance their strengths and abilities.

Through the projects created by the Development Officers, youth are given the opportunities to contribute to the Berrigan Shire and as a result, shape their own future. Through youth development, communities are able to recognise, value, support and encourage the contribution of young people.

Youth participation is a way to provide opportunities for youth to take on greater responsibilities and, through real world experiences, to gain skills and develop into successful adults.

Youth Links

Youth NSW



Your one stop link for information about: What’s On, Things to do, Getting Help, Sex and Sexuality, Your Legal Rights, School and Beyond, Staying Safe, Health, Work and Money, Leaving Home, Transport, Driving and Travel.


ThinkUKnow is a new Australian Federal Police sponsored site full of really useful info on how you can safely and responsibly navigate the digital environment.  It provides you with all the facts on what can go well and what can go wrong so YOU make the right choices

The Berrigan Shire Local Employment Expo promotes the value of local jobs to the community, the diversity of the Shire's businesses and helps students along the school- to- work transition.
The Berrigan Shire Council offers students the 'Berrigan Shire Local Government Scholarship' and the 'Berrigan Shire Accommodation Scholarship'.
National Youth Week is the largest celebration of young people in Australia.
The Youth Development Committee encourages, supports and promotes the development of youth within our community. The committee recognises and valuee the young leaders who eagerly work with them to provide fun and fulfilling activities for all community youth.
Local Employment Expo

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