Emergency Management

Planning for emergencies is largely the responsibility of the NSW Rural Fire Service within the Berrigan Shire. The first NSW Rural (Bush) Fire Brigade was formed in Berrigan in 1896, now the role of Rural Fire Brigades involves far more than just bush fire activity. Members are regularly called upon to attend road accidents (MVA's) and assist Police in search and rescue operations. The Rural Fire Brigades is also responsible for fighting structural fire in local towns and villages.

The Berrigan Shire Local Government Area is incorporated into the Corowa Berrigan Zone of the NSW Rural Fire Service with the regional office located at the Corowa Airport. Contact details for the Rural Fire Service follow


Corowa Airport
Redlands Road

Office Open:

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm.


PO Box 180


02 6033 4550


02 6033 0109


~ Please follow this link to the Local Emergency Management Plans Page ~

Bush Fire Safety - Places of Last Resort - Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP)

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) are a Place of Last Resort for people during a bush fire. They are a last resort if residents are unable to leave early or safely defend their property.

With the recent bushfires residents are reminded there are five NSP’s in Berrigan Shire being:

  • BAROOGA RECREATION RESERVE, Burkinshaw Street, Barooga

  • BERRIGAN CARAVAN PARK, Jerilderie Street, Berrigan

  • FINLEY RECREATION RESERVE, Warmatta Street, Finley

  • TOCUMWAL BIG4 CARAVAN AND TOURIST PARK, 1-13 Bruton Street, Tocumwal

  • TOCUMWAL GOLF CLUB, Barooga Road, Tocumwal

The Place of Last Resort

  • Is not an evacuation centre

  • If it is unsafe to leave the area or stay and defend your property, and the path is clear, you should move to your pre-identified NSP, or other safer location, prior to the impact of a bush fire.

  • Be aware that when you are travelling to your NSP there may be heavy smoke and poor visibility. It is important that you are familiar with the area.

  • Gather at the NSP location and remain there until the bush fire threat has passed.

  • The conditions at the NSP may be uncomfortable and you may be affected by smoke and embers.

  • Water, toilets and food may not be available at the NSP and emergency service personnel may not be present.

  • People with special needs, such as the elderly and disabled, should always leave before the threat of fire.

  • NSPs are not intended for pets and livestock.

Your safest option will always be to leave early

Download a Bush Fire Survival Plan at www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

Additional information of interest

As there is no single authority with the responsibility for all rural fire control in New South Wales, responsibilities are decentralized amongst a number of organizations.

These include NSW Rural Fire Service, Forests NSW, National Parks and Wildlife Service and the NSW Fire Brigades.

Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade Members play a major role in fighting fires in about 89% of the State of NSW and the National Parks and Wildlife Service are responsible for 10% of the State.

Towns and cities large enough are protected by NSW Fire Brigades.

Rural Fire Brigades hold regular meetings, training sessions and fire prevention activities such as controlled burning exercises.

While each brigade operates within specific boundaries, it may be called on to assist in a neighbouring area. Many brigades are available to travel long distances to assist in areas where fires are beyond local control.

These Brigades are part of the State Tactical Assistance Response Groups (STARG) formed in many regions of the State.

Brigade Members come from all walks of life. They are community minded having the volunteer spirit of service, combined with a professional approach to their chosen service.

Useful Links for more information

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Bureau of Meteorology.

Rural Fires Act 1997.

Rural Fires Regulation 1997.

Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC).

Rural Fire Service- Fire Danger Map

Contacting Council

Office: 56 Chanter Street, Berrigan.
Office hours are 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
Monday to Friday.
(03) 5888 5100
(03) 5885 2092
Post: Berrigan Shire Council
56 Chanter Street
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