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Free testing for loose-fill asbestos to re-open


The NSW Government, Department of Fair Trading, have announced that free testing for loose-fill asbestos insulation in the Berrigan Shire will re-commence on 31 July 2017 and close on 25 August 2017.

NSW Fair Trading will be conducting information sessions throughout the month of August to educate and inform the community about loose-fill asbestos insulation and the free testing program.

During these events people will have the opportunity to register for the free testing.

The Taskforce will also consider reimbursing those homeowners who organised a private test between 31 October 2016 and 31 July 2017 but the owner would need to provide evidence in writing for consideration by the Taskforce.

The information sessions will be conducted throughout the Berrigan Shire on the following dates at the below locations:

Saturday 5 August 8am12pm Finley Farmers Markets, Railway Park Endeavour Street, Finley

Tuesday 8 August 9.30am – 4pm Berrigan Library, 52 Chanter Street, Berrigan

Wednesday 9 August 8am12pm Outside Finley Bakery, 127 Murray Street, Finley

Thursday 10 August 2pm5pm Finley Anglican Church (Ladies Afternoon)

Thursday 10 August 9am3pm Berrigan IGA, 81 Chanter Street, Berrigan

Monday 14 August 8am2pm Barooga café, Fee’s Coffee House, 16 Vermont Street, Barooga

Tuesday 15 August 9.30am – 4pm Tocumwal Library, 57 Deniliquin Street, Tocumwal

Wednesday 16 August 9.30am 12pm Finley Library, 223 Murray Street, Finley

Wednesday 16 August  1 – 5pm Dawmac Trade Show, Dawmac, 14 Chanter Street Berrigan

Thursday 24 August 12 – 5.30pm Finley IGA, 189 Murray Street, Finley

Berrigan Early Intervention Service set to be transferred


Berrigan Shire Council’s Early Childhood Intervention Service is set to transfer its operations to regional disability service provider Kurrajong.

 Director of Corporate Services, Matthew Hansen said that the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) meant that there would be no guaranteed funding for Council to continue to operate the service in the NDIS scheme’s competitive open market environment.

 In light of these changes Council at their December, 2016 meeting resolved to work with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services to seek another organisation to auspice the Berrigan Early Childhood Intervention Service.

Expressions of interest were called from selected non-government service organisations in the Riverina and/or Murray regions who currently deliver early childhood intervention services.

That process led to Council and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services jointly selecting Kurrajong to assume responsibility for the Berrigan Early Childhood Intervention service and for its transition into the NDIS, Mr. Hansen said.

The change according to Mr. Hansen is set to provide further opportunities to strengthen and expand the services that have been provided for babies and young children in the Shires of Berrigan, and former Shires of Jerilderie and Urana.

“Kurrajong has a proven track record of delivering excellent, comprehensive early childhood intervention services across the Riverina and Murray area through their Kurrajong Therapy Plus service”.

With its headquarters in Wagga Wagga, Kurrajong is one of the largest regional disability organisations’ in country NSW and has been operating for over 60 years. The organisation provides an extensive range of services to over 1,300 babies, children and adults with disability in their local communities including: early childhood intervention services, supported living and accommodation services, respite care services, counselling, adult day services as well as supported employment.

Kurrajong’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jaques said that the organisation was looking forward to working to improve and enhance the essential early childhood intervention services that local families in Berrigan and surrounding Shires require.

Mr. Jaques said that it was important for families and the local community to be assured that services would continue to be provided locally, supported by excellent local staff.

“It is our intention to retain the current local staff to assist us in helping families transition into the NDIS. They have done a great job to date and instead of working with some isolation they will now be directly receiving the support, professional backup and expertise of our Kurrajong Therapy Plus team”.

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services is presently processing the transfer of auspice which is expected to be completed in early August.

About the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is set to revolutionise disability service funding and service provision in Australia with all State and Territory governments transferring their disability funding to the Commonwealth who will administer the NDIS scheme. Eligible people with a disability will have choices in choosing the service supports that best meet their individual needs and circumstances. They will also have a choice in choosing the service provider from which to receive these supports.

We are seeking your opinion


What is important to you?

Berrigan Shire Council is seeking the views of the community about its preferred options for community projects to be delivered under the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Program.

The NSW government has allocated $788,296 to Berrigan Shire to be spent on projects that to improve the lives of residents and enhance the attractiveness of our communities as vibrant places to live and work.

At its meeting on 19 July 2017, the Council nominated a short list of eight projects for consideration for this funding program.

• Adventure Playground – Development of a vibrant adventure playground which is challenging and fun, on the Barooga Foreshore in the area known as Collie Park.

• Change Rooms and kiosk – Restoration of the rooms at Finley Showgrounds adjacent to the soccer/touch football fields for use as change rooms, spectator toilets and kiosk.

• Half-Court basketball facility – installation of a half-court basketball facility alongside the Berrigan Skate Park and swimming pool as part of the active youth precinct at Hayes Park.

• Library extension – Extension of the Tocumwal library, the smallest in Berrigan Shire to create additional space for library displays and activities.

• Netball Courts – Replacement of the aged netball courts at Berrigan Sportsground with new, low maintenance courts that meet Netball Victoria guidelines

• Skate Park – Replacement of the Finley Skatepark with a modern structure that maximises the skate experience for all ages and users.

• Stage – Installation of a small raised stage area at the Barooga Botanical Gardens for use with the popular Barooga-Cobram Christmas Carols and other musical and theatrical events

• Walking Path – Extending the current walking path network in Tocumwal along Barooga Road, Quicks Roads, Marian Drive, Babbingtons Road and Hutsons Road to form a circuit.

We would love our residents to complete a survey to assist us in prioritising these projects. This information will then be provided to the NSW government to assist them in determining which of these projects will be funded. We only have a short time to seek community consultation so please let your friends and family know to complete the survey by 9th August 2017.

National Disability Insurance Scheme - What is the NDIS?


The NDIS is coming to the Berrigan Shire region. What is the NDIS? It is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, the Federal Government's new way to support people with disabilities.

The National Disability Insurance Agency will be administering the NDIS, and will:

  • work with partners to deliver the NDIS 
  • build community awareness of disability 
  • ensure financial sustainability of the NDIS 
  • develop and enhance the disability sector 
The local area co-ordinator for the NDIS is Intereach, who have recently conducted some information sessions, and from these sessions have released the Powerpoint presentation made for the meetings. If you would like to have a look at this presentation see the link below.

Introduction to NDIS - Southern Murrumbidgee.pdf

Valuer General's Newsletter - July 2017


Click here to see the Valuer General's Newsletter for July 2017.

Berrigan Shire Library Service Questionnaire


Tocumwal Community Survey to ascertain the need to extend Tocumwal Library, enabling space to be utilized as a Multi-Purpose Community room.

See survey here - Berrigan Shire Library Service Questionnaire

Murray Valley Basin Impact RMCG Report


Taking water from productive use in the NSW Murray region is coming at a massive cost to its communities.

That’s the stark finding from a socio-economic study into impacts of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan that was commissioned by the Murray Group and prepared by RM Consulting Group Bendigo.

Murray Valley Basin Impact RMCG Report

Tocumwal Foreshore Levee Works


As a result of recent flooding the Council has reviewed its levee system and the Council has determined that its levee, through the Tocumwal Foreshore area, requires both strengthening, removal of trees within the levee and an increase in overall height.

If these issues are not addressed the Tocumwal township is at increased risk of flooding if the levee is either overtopped by floodwater or fails due to lack of structural integrity.  The inundation map on the next page indicates the level of township flooding that could be expected in the event of levee failure.

To address these shortcomings the Council will concrete core this 550m section of the levee and then raise its height by up to 400mm.  The estimated cost of the works is approx. $200,000 and the Council has received a grant through the Club Grants – Emergency Relief program of $123,000 to assist with the works.

These works are required to be completed by the end of April 2017.

The increase in levee height also requires the levee based to be widened and the Council will focus as much as possible of this on the river side of the levee however some widening will also be required on the town side of the levee which will reduce the amenity of the foreshore area until lawn cover can be restored.

Regrettably, the works will also require some tree removal which is of concern to the Council and undoubtedly the community, however, the Council considers that protection of the community is the highest priority and unfortunately up to 50 trees will require removal.

Completion of the works in the short term will also ensure that works in the foreshore area as proposed by the Tocumwal Foreshore Masterplan ( can also proceed.

Further information regarding this project can be obtained by contacting the Council’s Director of Technical Services, Mr Fred Exton

Asbestos awareness


Was your home built or renovated before 1987? Asbestos could be in any home built or renovated before 1987.

Thousands of different products remain hidden dangers in 1 in every 3 Australian homes including brick, weatherboard, fibro and clad homes, even apartments. It could be anywhere! If sealed, left undisturbed and in good condition asbestos products don’t pose a health risk. However, if disturbed, fibres are released which can be inhaled and cause asbestos-related diseases.

If you are looking at renovating, or conducting repairs, it would be wise to visit the Asbestos Awareness website for guidance before beginning:

half cost scheme for kerb and gutter and footpath works


The infrastructure in our towns – things like roads, footpaths and kerb and gutters – is often taken for granted. However, providing these items comes at a cost.

Generally, these items are provided by the initial developer of the land. The cost of providing this infrastructure is then built into the price of the developed blocks. Hence, each property owner has contributed to the cost of the infrastructure outside his or her land.

Over time, our communities’ expectations about infrastructure have changed. For example, most new urban sub-divisions now include kerb and gutter as standard – an item that older sub-divisions often do not have.

As our towns grow, it becomes important to link up this community infrastructure to allow the footpath and kerb and gutter network to work as it should. This often means installing kerb and gutter and footpaths items in the “gaps” created by older sub-divisions without those items.

Given that the cost of providing this infrastructure in newer sub-divisions has been borne by the property owners there – in the purchase price of their land – it is fair that property owners in older areas contribute to the cost of new kerb and gutter and footpaths installed adjacent to their land.

The NSW government recognises this and the Roads Act 1993 allows for Councils to recover up to half the cost of providing infrastructure like kerb and gutter and footpaths from the adjacent landowners via a contributory charge. Like Council rates, this charge attaches to the land and if the land is sold, the charge is then payable by the new landowner. Where kerb and gutter and/or footpath works are only on one side of a street, the Roads Act only allows the Council to charge those property owners on that side – not the other.

The adjacent property owners will generally be required to meet 50% of the cost of the new footpath and/or kerb and gutter. The cost is divided up across the property owners on the basis of their street frontage. Where a property owner has a corner block and therefore two street frontages, this cost may in some circumstances reduce to 25%.

The Council understands paying this charge upfront and at short notice can be difficult. To assist property owners to meet this cost, the Council has a procedure – the “Half-Cost Scheme” that

·         Requires the Council to inform property owners about the likely cost of the works in advance, the amount they are likely to have to contribute, and allow them the opportunity to have the Council consider any objections, and

·         If the Council decides to go ahead with the works, allows property owners to pay off the charge interest-free over three years.

All property owners are required to contribute to the cost of infrastructure passing their property, either through the initial cost of purchase or via a later contribution. The Council considers that its Half-Cost Scheme provides a simple and fair method of allocating and recovering the contribution to new infrastructure.

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