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Barooga Boy Scouts and Girl Guides


Barooga Boy Scouts was formed in 1958 with D Guthrie as leader and twelve boys as initial members. These were P Quinane, C Seigel, K Mansell, M Keamy, J Frazer, P Johnson, R O’Callaghan, G Slater, J Walker, M Steward and F Brown. In those days they were registered in Victoria under the Murray Valley Scouts Group.

In 1969 the Headquarters of Scouting in both Victoria and NSW agreed the administration of Barooga should be done from Sydney. They were transferred from Victoria and registered as Murray Scouts Group. 1969 was also a big year for Barooga as they got their own hall.

A year earlier in 1968 Barooga Cubs commenced operation under the Leadership of Elaine Evans. Ten years later, in 1978, a Guides and Brownies pack also commenced in Barooga.

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Today Boy Scouts are a little different from those times. Have you heard recent news? Now Boy Scouts of America allow transgender.You know, the title of the organization, "Boy Scouts of America" makes it abundantly clear that the organization is for boys, not for girls who identify as boys. This girl will never be a boy, even with surgery and hormone treatments. The Boy Scouts is simply bending to cultural pressures and so they'll see their membership and support decline as they morph into some shell of their former self. This is unfortunate. But they had a good run. I'm not a parent, but I would not let my child join they Boy Scouts now that they've decided their long held beliefs are malleable and that they're willing and able to sacrifice the values that made them a great organization to the secular, cultural will.

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From this post, I have got an idea about the formation of Barooga boy scouts and girl guides. You have shared here about the brief history of it through the following years. The Girl Guide was formed later in Barooga and very nice to see the history over here.

By @ Friday, June 16, 2017 9:25 PM
From your post, i came to know about the Barooga boy scouts and girl guides. I got interested to know more about their various activities. Hope you will update this information as soon as possible. Eagerly waiting to know it.

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This was one of the most significant moves by the authorities to introduce such a system for the students. A lot of talented students joined the group and has been doing really well. Thanks for the information regarding the scouts and guides.

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It was really glad to know about the Barooga Boy Scout and Girl Guide through this blog post. I have got a brief history about them and their activities through this article. But I feel that the information you have shared here is very limited. Please update it in detail.

By @ Tuesday, July 25, 2017 9:10 PM
Thanks for helping us know about the Barooga Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in earlier times. This is completely different from what we have in our schools today. Such activities and camps will help the students learn discipline and a better human. Very happy to see the photographs.

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