Berrigan Shire - a great place to visit and a better place to live.

Recent studies have revealed that the happiest Australians live in smaller towns and Berrigan Shire have four great small town to choose from.  Visitors to the area often compliment us on how welcoming the locals are and how friendly they are - and many of them then choose to make the move to live here based on that first impression.  The fact that they stay must mean that we are doing it right.  Why don't you come and have a look for yourself.  We have great tourism opportunities along the Murray River and agriculture and industrial options feature to the north.

In Berrigan Shire we recognise the importance of new and existing businesses to our communities, and Council is committed to helping new businesses establish in our area and offering support to existing businesses.

In this section you will find information relevant to business development, fact sheets, publications, useful resources for business, information on courses and seminars and statistics about our Towns and Shire. If you are considering establishing a business in Berrigan Shire, or require assistance with your existing business please call Council on (03) 5888 5100 or email for assistance.

Download the Tourism Strategy or Economic Development Plan from our Management Plans, Codes & Reports Page.

Berrigan Shire Economic Profile

Berrigan Shire's economic profile presents economic information that enables you to describe the area's role within the broader economy, explore options for economic development and promote the area's strengths.

Click on the image below for more information about the economic profile.

Berrigan Shire Economic Profile

Berrigan Shire Population Forecasts

The Berrigan Shire population and household forecasts are designed to inform community groups, Council, investors, business, students and the general public. To achieve this,® is formatted to present the data in simple, clear tables and charts with concise factual commentary.

Forecasts are available for each year from 2006 to 2031.

To access the Berrigan Shire Population Forecasts please click here or the image below.

Berrigan Shire Population Forecasts

Berrigan Shire Community Forecasts

The Berrigan Shire Community Profile provides demographic analysis for the Shire and its suburbs based on results from the 2011, 2006, 2001, 1996 and 1991 Censuses of Population and Housing. The profile is updated with population estimates when the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) releases new figures.

Berrigan Shire Community Profile can be accessed via this link or the image below.

Berrigan Shire Social Atlas

The Berrigan Shire Social Atlas presents Census data in its most compelling form – as a series of thematic maps that show how particular population groups are distributed across Berrigan Shire. There are over 90 individual maps, each representing a community of interest, such as young children, or the elderly. The maps are shaded to show where there are concentrations of these communities of interest, which enables planners to accurately assess the demand for the provision of services and facilities to target populations.

Berrigan Shire Social Atlas can be accessed via this link or the image below.


Berrigan Shire Profiles

Berrigan Shire has a number of detailed profiles about the LGA now available.  The profiles include community, economic and population forecasts.  This information is now freely available and should be of interest across the business community.  There are a number of reports that can be downloaded from the sites regarding population, incomes, households, housing tenure, education etc.

Berrigan Shire Economic Profile
Berrigan Shire Economic Profile
Berrigan Shire Economic Profile

Navigating the approvals process can be daunting for business. Find out what you need to do, how the system works and where you can go for further information.
Doing Business
Cattle and Sheep livestock sales reports
Finley Livestock Market Reports
Information and advice for those in small business or considering establishing a small business in Berrigan Shire. A special section on Drought Assistance information for Farmers and Small Business is also available.
Small Business Advice

Contacting Council

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