Small Business Advice

The community relies strongly on the Council driving growth in the Shire’s small business sector. For this reason providing small businesses with the information they need is seen as a key role for Council.

If your business is seeking to expand, relocate or is experiencing a difficult time, please contact us for confidential advice. If required, referrals to organisations that provide more comprehensive assistance are available.

We may also be able to provide statistics or relevant information to help determine the feasibility of starting a new business. The Council works closely with business groups and organisations servicing small business in our area and is committed to ensuring the needs of our business community are met.

Information Kit for Small Business

The NSW Government Department of Industry and Development have put together a comprehensive website with resources to guide you through establishing a small business.  This information can be access via this link:  Small Business Tool Kit.  Council has also compiled a Small Business Information Kit to assist with locating a variety of resources. The kit provides information on State and Federal Government business assistance programs, contact details on government agencies, and links to a wide range of free resources covering topics such as starting a business, business planning and finance. 

Home-based Business

A home-based business is simply a business you operate from home rather than from commercial premises. Operating a business from home has become increasingly prevalent as a result of the digital revolution, outsourcing, the trend towards self-employment and the growth of services industries. In June 2004, there were 282,400 home-based businesses in NSW, representing 63.8% of NSW small businesses.

Home-based business operators tend to face a unique set of challenges. With this in mind, the NSW Government has developed a number of initiatives to support and assist home-based businesses available on the small business information website produced by NSW Department of Industry and Investment.

Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Berrigan Shire Council provides information for all businesses on upcoming Courses, Seminars and Workshops to be held in the local area. If you are organising or participating in an upcoming event related to business development, assistance or training please contact us for inclusion on this page. If you feel that Council could assist in facilitating training, education or information sessions that may be required by businesses in our area, we welcome you to contact us also.  All events are listed on our News and Events pages.

Local Business Organisations

Chambers and Industry Groups

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